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Third Meeting of the Northeastern Music Cognition Group
The conference is free and open to all, no registration fee.



The Berklee SAC building is across the street (Boylston St.) from the Hynes Convention Center in Boston's Back Bay. The closest subway T stops are Auditorium/Hynes Station (Green Line), Prudential (Green Line), and Copley (Green/Orange lines). Get to Boylston St. and then walk over to SAC. Parking is available, but expensive. More detailed walking, driving, parking directions and maps.


Berkley SAC: 921 Boylston St.

8:30 - 9:00Registration
9:00 - 9:15Welcome
9:15 - 12:00   Short talks
12:00 - 1:30Lunch (Bangkok City, 167 Mass. Ave.)
1:30 - 2:15Afternoon I (The Loft, 311, 411, Berklee SAC)
(2:15 - 2:30Break)
2:30 - 3:15Afternoon II (The Loft, 311, 411, Berklee SAC)
(3:15 - 3:30Break)
3:30 - 4:15Afternoon III (The Loft, 311, 411, Berklee SAC)
4:20 - 5:00Wrap-up and organizational meeting

Short Talks

The Loft, 9:15-12; Format: 8 minute talk and 2 minute Q & A | setup

Music in a Digital Age: Does Live Performance Affect Music Perception?
Natalie Feldman (Harvard)

Linking Expectation and Emotion in a Live Concert Experiment
Hauke Egermann (McGill)

Music 21: Music informatics for music cognition
Michael Cuthbert (MIT)

Network theory and music analysis
Robin W. Wilkins (Wake Forest/UNC)

Finding the downbeat
Michael Brady (BU)

Comparing mathematical measures of rhythm similarity with human perception
Godfried Toussaint (Harvard), Malcolm Campbell (New England Conservatory), and Naor Brown (Harvard)

Exploring polymeter
Ève Poudrier (Yale)

Musical emotions: experimental approaches
Leonid Perlovsky (Harvard)

The effect of performance features and formal repetition on measures of physiological arousal
David Sears (McGill)

Introducing CRAW: the continuous response analysis Wiki
Finn Upham (McGill)

The analysis and cognition of basic textual structures
Lex Rozin (West Chester University)

Distance as a predictor of response time to sequentially and randomly ordered stimuli from previously memorized performance
Kristen Begosh (University of Connecticut)

Short-term memory for consonant and dissonant dyads
Susan Rogers (Berklee)

A corpus analysis of rock harmony
Trevor de Clerq (Eastman)

Explicit and implicit knowledge of rock harmony in nonmusicians
Lincoln Craton and Wyatt Donnelly-Landolt (Stonehill)

Afternoon Tutorials and Discussions

(Parallel session in The Loft, 311, and 411)

AFTERNOON I (1:30-2:15)

Neuroscience and neuroimaging tutorial (Loft)
Peter Cariani and Psyche Louie
Meter and rhythm discussion (311)
Open slot (411)

AFTERNOON II (2:30-3:15)

Music therapy tutorial (Loft)
Suzanne Hanser and Kathleen Howland
Cognitive psychology and music theory discussion (311)
Susan Rogers, facilitator
Pitch systems - harmony and melody discussion (411)

AFTERNOON III (3:30-4:15)

Musical emotions tutorial (Loft)
Leonid Perlovsky
Fundamental questions for music cognition discussion (311)
Open slot (411)

We need volunteers to initiate and facilitate discussions. We will hand out response sheets to solicit questions for the discussions during registration and collect them before lunch. Our thought is that the facilitator might give a short (1-2') introduction to the discussion topic and read the questions that have been submitted. The facilitator's role would be to group related questions together and to try to keep the discussion on track.

There are currently two open discussion slots that can be used if a group of like-minded people want to spontaneously organize a discussion on some other topic.


Peter Cariani (Harvard)
Olaf Post (Harvard)
Suzanne Hanser (Berklee)
Susan Rogers (Berklee)
Kathleen Howland (Berklee & NEC)
Morwaread Farbood (NYU)
Ève Poudrier (Yale)
Panayotis Mavromatis (NYU)
Sarah Lawson (CUNY)
Leonid Perlovsky (Harvard)
Trevor de Clercq (Eastman)
Marina Korsakova-Kreyn
Annie Dillon (Berklee)
Psyche Loui (BIDMC/Harvard)
Michael Cuthbert (MIT)
Marc Edelstein (Berklee)
Jenny Thompson (Harvard)
Godfried Toussaint (Harvard)
David Sears (McGill)
Eugene Narmour (University of Pennsylvania)
Bob Slevc (Harvard/U. of Maryland)
Andrew Struck-Marcell (NYU)
Robin W Wilkins (WFU/UNC)
Grace Kim (Berklee)
Laurane Mendelsohn
Lex Rozin (West Chester University)
Richard Bunbury (Boston University)
Sonya Lawson (Westfield State University)
Finn Upham (McGill)
Victoria Tzotzkova
Georgia Wells (Berklee)
Laurynn Scholar (Berklee)
Lincoln Craton (Stonehill College)
Wyatt Donnelly-Landolt (Stonehill College)
Mitchell Haueszer (Berklee)
Erik Muhlenhaupt (Stonehill College)
Roger Chaffin (University of Connecticut)
Helen Young-ji Cho (Harvard)
Ozgur Izmirli (Connecticut College)
Sam Fang (Harvard/Beth Israel DMC)
Hauke Egermann (McGill)
Andrew McPherson (Drexel)
Paula Telesco (UMass Lowell)
Anne Polyakov
Elena Chit (Harvard)
Donya Quick (Yale)
Xenos Mason (Harvard)
Natalie Feldman (Harvard)
Brian Fidali (Yale)
Louis Vinke (Bowling Green State University)
Adam Milton Morgan (Harvard)
Kristen Begosh (U. Conn)
Nicholas Patterson (Columbia)
Hubert Ho (Northeastern)
Bianca Levy (Boston College)
Matt Pigg (Berklee)
Caroline Ritson (NYU)
Benjamin Woo (Harvard)
Michael Brady (Boston University)
Benjamin Woo (Northeastern)
Janet Baker (Dragon)
Jennifer Zuk (Harvard)
Amanda Daly
Cynthia Weaver (Yale)
Elzadie Martin (Berklee)
Helen Cho
Nick Patterson (Columbia)
David Rytzarev

Driving and Parking Directions

Transportation directions to Berklee College of Music can be found at

Driving in Boston has always been a challenge and parking grows ever more expensive. If you are driving in and don't know your way around the city ("you can't get there from here"), probably the best thing to do is to get driving directions from Google Maps.

If you are traveling eastbound on the Mass. Pike (I-90), you can get off at the Prudential exit onto Huntington Ave. then take the first rightonto Belvedere St., then right again onto Dalton St., which will lead you to Boylston St. If you are traveling westbound on the Mass Pike (e.g. from I-93 N &S), there is no direct exit at Copley Square, but you can take the "boomerang" U-turn exit at Allston-Brighton (FASTLANE/EZPASS transponder required) to go eastbound and then take the Prudential exit.

An alternative to the Mass Pike is to get on Storrow Drive (either eastbound from the Allston-Brighton exit on the Mass. Pike I-90 or westbound from I-93 North (Central Artery) and take the Fenway exit. If you bear left and make a left onto Boylston St., you will be at the bottom if the map below, within a block of the Central Parking lot (on the left) and 2-3 blocks from the conference site at the Berkley Student Activities Center (on the left).

Note, however, that the Head of the Charles Regatta will be underway on Saturday, Oct. 23-24, so although Storrow Drive will be open, there may be a good deal of traffic on it. Memorial Drive in Cambridge will be closed off.

The least expensive all-day parking is the small Central Parking lot at 1085 Boylston St., across the street from #7 on the Berklee map below and indicated on the Google map (~$10/day,

Slightly closer, there is an Early Bird all-day special (in by 9 AM out by 6 PM) at the Hynes Auditorium garage at 50 Dalton St. ($18/day). Beware, parking at the Prudential Center is very expensive ($39/day).


Since it will be Regatta Weekend, it is likely that many hotels in Boston and Cambridge will be booked up. Let us know if you need a place to stay, or if you are local and could put one or more NEMCOG people up. Send emails to We will try to monitor the NEMCOG gmail for that and help you make connections, but we can't guarantee anything. If someone would like to take on the responsibility of matching up locals with room to spare and visitors needing a place to stay, please do step forward.

Special Needs

Let us know if there are any special needs we may be able to help with.

Short Talk Preparation

We are on a tight talk schedule, so we will need to move talks right along. Please practice-time your talk, limiting it to 8' maximum. If at all possible, please put your talk on a USB memory stick so that we can load the talks onto presentation computers beforehand. We will have a PC with Powerpoint on it and a Mac with Powerpoint and Keynote. Both computers can also handle PDFs. Audio will be available. Talk abstracts and biosketches that you've sent in to us should be available on the NEMCOG website by the day of the conference.

Boston Area Music Research

Some of us Boston locals are interested in reviving the Boston-area music research network (formerly known as the Boston Music Research Association or BMRA). There will be a signup sheet at registration and at the organizational session at the end of the day. If you are interested in helping to make this happen please also contact Peter Cariani, peter [dot] cariani [at sign] gmail [dot] com (remove spaces) and put BMRA in the subject line.

Local Maps

Google Map of the Berklee area

Berklee Campus Map

The workshop will be held in the Student Activities Center -- #5
The Bangkok City Restaurant is near #13
Central Parking is across Boylston St. from #7

Program Committee

Peter Cariani
Department of Otology and Laryngology
Harvard Medical School

Suzanne Hanser
Department of Music Therapy
Berklee College of Music

Olaf Post
Department of Music
Harvard University

Susan Rogers
Division of Music Technology
Berklee College of Music